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The NXT GEN UFO 1 Man Layout Boat is THE greatest innovation in the layout boat hunting world. Constructed or rotomolded plastic, this is literally the Yeti Cooler of layouts.

We have personally put these boats through some of the most rigorous testing imaginable, to include being ran over by a truck at highway speeds, and it has withstood the test.


The NXT GEN UFO is 10ft 2 inches long, 63 inches wide, weighs 135lbs and has a weight capacity of 400lbs persons or 450lbs person and gear. Full level floatation as well and exceeds USCG standards.

Each boat comes with Canvas Spray shield, 3 handles, Drain Plug and Head Rest



We have designated pickup locations in both Prince George, VA AND Swansboro, NC. Please ensure you contact us by email at to dictate the location of your choosing.

Delivery is GUARANTEED by December 25, 2020 or sooner depending on pick-up schedule. THERE WILL ONLY BE ROOM FOR 10 TOTAL BOATS...LAST RUN OF THE YEAR ACT FAST.