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Our Story

Foundationally different from anything else you'll see on the market. This brand is Veteran owned and operated. Bred from a deep passion for waterfowl hunting but meshed with a modern and authentic twist we feel confident you've never seen before.

The brand got its roots in 2019 after being founded by two best friends who's passion for the sport and drive to be different inspired a journey that's gotten this brand to where it is today.

The apparel is just a small part of what makes this brand what it is. The community it has started, the inclusion of personification and light-hearted, incredibly artistic design work, and commitment to industry leading customer service is what keeps us driving forward.

Being different isn’t a goal, it’s a promise!

  • Our Community

    We, at Combat Waterfowl, welcome the content of our supporters. The lifestyle and experiences of our friends, family, and supporters are of the utmost importance to us. We hope to share these experiences and photos with all of you. Please use this link to submit photos of you sporting your CW apparel, as well as your journey in the outdoors, and become featured here on the website and social media outlets.

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  • Our Mission

    Combat Waterfowl seeks to break up the monotony in the apparel industry by bringing you purpose-built and lifestyle apparel that embodies the true existence of the waterfowler in all of us. These aren’t your Grandpa’s old turtlenecks and you won’t find us in your Daddy’s duck blind. Welcome to the next generation of
    waterfowl apparel!

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