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The heart for service runs deep in Combat Waterfowl as we seek to honor those who serve in all capacities at home and abroad. Our owner is a Veteran of the United States Army and is a former Law Enforcement Officer. Our Nation’s and neighborhood’s servants do not receive nearly the recognition they deserve and we hope to honor them through our brand.

Our mission

Combat Waterfowl exists to provide gear that’s never before been seen in the waterfowl apparel industry. Combat Waterfowl seeks to break up the monotony in other brands by bringing you purpose-built and lifestyle apparel that embodies our sense of humor as well as our love for this sport. We are appreciative for your support and are elated to have you along for the ride! Welcome to the next generation!

You will also find uniqueness in our designs when you pay attention to the fine detail. Nearly every single one of our designs has personal elements hidden within them. Be it personally symbolic or a hidden pun, each design has something unique to bring to the table if you look close enough.

Our Team

  • Robert


    Robert was born and bred in central North Carolina. Walking in the footsteps of my grandfather, I fostered a love and respect for the sports of hunting, fishing and trapping. As I grew older, my passion shifted to waterfowl and I've never looked back. After serving five years as an Infantryman in the Army, I medically retired from Active Duty in 2015. I then transitioned to law enforcement in North Carolina for several years, serving two local jurisdictions. I now work full time for Combat Waterfowl. In 2017, I set out on a quest to complete the Ultimate Waterfowler's Challenge, the North American Grand Slam for waterfowl hunters. Thanks to some incredible friends, I was able to complete that journey in 2018, harvesting a drake of each of the 41 recognized species of waterfowl.

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