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<h2>Combat Waterfowl Team</h2>
<p> Here at Combat Waterfowl, we do not have a Pro Staff or Field Staff.
<p> However, we recognize the benefit that comes with building a team-like framework within a brand
<p>In an effort to be different, we have titled our staff as Gunners. The Gunner is an outdoorsman or woman who truly appreciates and enjoys the outdoors as we do.
<p>Secondly, he or she serves an ambassador for our brand and furthering the way of life we hold so near and dear in our hearts.
<p>If you’re interested in joining the Combat Waterfowl “family” as a Gunner, please head to the below link on Facebook. Upon answering the questions, you will be contacted within 2-5 business days by one of our owners. If approved, you will be required to fill out a nominal amount of legal documentation establishing your role.

<p>Combat Waterfowl Gunners Page:

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